Femtum Lasers

Femtum Lasers

The first mid-infrared fiber lasers and amplifiers, operating at wavelengths above 2800 nm

Femtum was established to enable the potential of mid-infrared fiber lasers. Scientific enquiry and industrial OEM’s have benefitted enormously from the introduction of fiber lasers. The Femtum team have expanded the use of fiber laser amplification and beam delivery at wavelengths of 2800nm and beyond, where light is more readily absorbed in semiconductors, polymers, glass, dielectrics and thin film materials.

Femtum products serve a range of applications in laser materials processing and mid-IR spectroscopy. Typical laser micro-processing applications include marking, engraving and texturing. Cutting and welding of thin film materials for high value manufacturing is achieved using conventional optics, normally associated with CO2 lasers.


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